Aesthetic dentistry

For many, having an attractive smile is important both for personal and professional reasons. Thankfully there are several ways we can achieve that longterm award winning smile. To start off with, a detailed analysis and conversation takes place in order to determine expectations and individual treatment options. Not every aesthetic dental procedure is suitable for every patient. Therefore, we offer a individual approach taking into account expectations, finances, and technical possibilities in order to ensure a healthy and long term smile.

Bleaching - tooth whitening to improve your smile.

Stubborn stains and discolorations caused by the consumption of black or green tea, coffee or tobacco, often make the teeth look yellow and opaque. Often times just by addressing these discolourations, we can transform a smile in no time at all.
Bleaching involves the use of a chemically activated hydrogen peroxide gel that removes these stubborn discolourations. The peroxide is able to dissolve the colour molecules on the surface of the teeth allowing for a whiter smile without affecting the core structure of the teeth. It is important to
understand that expectations will have to be managed in cases involving front teeth with crowns, fillings or overcrowding. The quality of the patients enamel is crucial for a perfect result. Before bleaching, the tooth substance and existing fillings are checked to predict what the correct treatment method is given for each case.
The direct – or chair-side bleaching – achieves an immediately visible result in a one-hour treatment with in our practice. Depending on the enamel structure and degree of discolouration – we can expect an improvement in whitening by at least two shades. In order to maintain our achieved results for a long time, we also a recommend home bleaching after this treatment Here, the patient gets customised bleaching guards in which he/she can apply the bleaching product himself/herself at home. When the desired result is achieved, the patient can stop the therapy at any time.
We have been successfully using Opalescence for direct (chair side) and indirect bleaching (home bleaching).
If the patient wishes to repeat the bleaching at a later date, he/she can use the existing splints and purchase refills directly with us. We advise against various commercially available remedies because, as mentioned above, prior clarification is essential to avoid irreparable damage to your teeth.


In recent years, aesthetic treatment with veneers has gained tremendous popularity. It is the method that is favored by many celebrities in order to obtain long term aesthetic result. Veneers are wafer-thin porcelain shells that are permanently bonded to a tooth in order to correct shape, colour and tooth position. If done correctly, veneers can achieve a completely natural appearance and stunning results. In some cases and depending on the extent of the desired correction, a thin layer of tooth substance will be filed alway before the veneers can be cemented. With the help of our amazing dental technicians, can can individually analyse each case to determine colour and desired shape. In some cases veneers can also be made on individual teeth to achieve a minimally invasive aesthetic result. Often a combination of bleaching and two to four veneers is enough to achieve a radiant, beautiful, and natural smile. Our long experience in this field guarantees you a perfect result.

Orthodontic treatments - correction of tooth mal positions

Orthodontics can correct a number of issues such as overcrowding, cross bites, or crooked teeth. This is important because teeth that are not aligned well are more prone to cavities and gum disease because it becomes hard to clean them. Furthermore, tooth position can affect speech, aesthetics, and the overall frame of the face. Orthodontic treatment can be done of both children and adults. We are happy to refer you to an orthodontic specialist if needed.